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White zebra sanding band manicure sanding band|Chiyan abrasives

Quick Detail:

Material: White Zebra
Color: White
Size: 6.35 x 12.7mm
Quantity: 100pcs of sanding bands in a plastic bag
Net Weight: 25g-45g (the smoother, the lighter)
Package Weight: Approx 33g-53g

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The Chiyan White Sanding band is the nail polishing tools, comes with exact size for easy change or replacement on standard 1/4" shaft mandrel .These white sanding bands are attached to an electric nail file using a mandrel bit .Use quality sanding bands to file off product quickly .The raw materials of White Zebra imported from Japan. Sanding surface is smooth, the glue is equally distributed. No extra glue spilled. Non-toxic environmental protection transparent adhesive .

White Zebra sanding band is cut smoothly on the edge of the band and has no burrs. Easier to polish the edges of the nails and also easier to handle . Durable inner cloth . Never crack. Never bend . Exactly Matched Spirals .Eco-friendly glue between the sandpaper and the inner cloth. No excessive glue on the surface.

There are some advantages of the White Sanding Bands:

1. Anti-Blocking

2. Excellent Heat Disspation

3. Suitable for  as well as pedicure

4. Low grinding and polishing cost in total

5. Optional grit from coarse to fine : 40# , 60#,80# , 100#,120# , 150#,180# , 240#,320# , 400#

6. 300,000pcs daily output assures a fast delivery

7. Defect rate is lower than 1%

We can provide free white zebra sanding band samples for reference or test any time and support custom packaging for the needs of our clients . All the manicure sanding bands are come from our own factory , our workers have 15 years of production experiences so that we have a good control of the products quality .Shanghai Chiyan Abrasives is one native with independent foregin trade department .We are a professional and strong responsible factory on manicure sanding bands. Sincerity and international minded set will give you more confortable service .We as always, make unremitting efforts to become your solid strength .

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  • Imported raw materials from Japan
  • Non-toxic environmental protection transparent adhesive
  • Excellent Heat Dissipation
  • No clogging
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