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Under nail cleaner bit salon manicure acrylic drill bit|Chiyan

Quick Detail:

Name:Under Nail Cleaner Bit

Flute Size: Φ2.3mm

Overall Length: 38.1mm

Grit: C, M, F

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The Chiyan Under Nail Cleaner acrylic drill bit is used to cut and polish the bottom of the nails. And it is also very convenient to extend the edge of the nails. High quality imported special carbide tungsten material, can increase the lifespan of the drill bit. This material of drill bit is higher-efficiency heat dissipation than metal, and easy to clean and disinfect, wash the drill bit through clean water directly, than you can simply disinfect the bit through medicinal alcohol. The acrylic drill bit is suitable for salon manicure, Spa or Personal Use. See below for product information relating to your application:

There are some advantages of this Under Nail Cleaner Bit:

1. Unicase

2. Easy to handle

3. High concentricity

4. Resistant to rust

5. Prolong the lifetime of manicure machine

6. Customized Logo

How to use the Carbide Tungsten Nail Drill Bit:

1. Rotary grinding machine handle switch, insert the grinding head, twist back the switch.
2. Turn on the grinder switch, adjust the speed.
3. File your nails.

Please keep out of reach of children at home and salon manicure. Also should disinfect the nail bits after use. Always wear eye-protective safety glasses, to avoid the chippings to hurt your eyes. Shanghai Chiyan has been the manufacture and exporter form 2014 to now in Shanghai, China. We are a native with independent foreign trade department as well as a professional and strong responsible team. Sincerity and international minded set will give you more comfortable service .We as always, make unremitting efforts to become your solid strength.

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