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Small barrel bit used for surface work

Quick Detail:

Flute Size: Φ6.60mm

Weight: <10g

Grit: 3XC, XXC, C, M, F, XF

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The Chiyan Ceramic small Barrel Bit is one of the best sellers of the ceramic bits. The material of ceramic cutter is ceramic. The main color is white. And the different rings stand for different grits. Its length is 38.1mm. The flute size is 6.0mm and the shank size is 2.34mm. The reason why the large barrel bit welcomed is that its main features. First, Intersect ant stripes of the drill bits can polish and reshape your nails. Second, E file bits can be used for wiping away nail Ger. Third, the ceramic small barrel bit can remove the dead skin for finger nails and toe nails. Fourth, it is easier to remove the dead skin near your nails. The ceramic cutter is made of ceramic and stainless steel, not easy to rust. Fifth, the storage box is provided, easier to store.

We can use this kind of nail bit in many places, such as: nail salon, nail design, the Foot Pedicure shop, Nail care center, nail education or training school and so on. Our products are constantly updated and the processing performance in the details is stable. The e file bit can also be customized by customers; we will create the best manicure tools for you.

There are some advantages of ceramic small barrel bit:

  1. good hardness and fast speed to save time
  2. antibacterial and environmental
  3. no clogging
  4. easy to clean and disinfect
  5. resistance of acid, alkali and heat
  6. small size and cuspidor design

We are native factory in Shanghai with 15 years’ experience. We have our own independent foreign trade departments. The main products include: Nail Sanding Band, Industrial Sanding Band, Nail Drill Bit, Sanding Drum, Sanding Disc, Roloc Disc, Flap disc, Flap wheel and other abrasive product. Because of our product has high quality and low price, they are on hot sale around the world.

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