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Mini cone manicure drill bits mini cone bur|Chiyan Abrasives

Quick Detail:

Name: Mini Cone Bit

Flute Size: Φ3.80mm

Overall Length: 50.0mm

Grit: C, M, F

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CHIYAN Carbide mini cone nail drill bit is a hot sell on international market. Professional nail artists in beauty salons use it to do manicure for customers. The mini cone bur is used to remove nail polishing, saw and smooth the nail surface and skin edges. It can also be used to shorten the nail plate on real nails or acrylic nails to make different shapes. Using these manicure drill bits to do nail work is convenient, efficient and time-saving. Most of the mini cone bur can be coated in blue, purple, nano, gold, silver, tin, diamond and rainbow color.

Points below you should know about CHIYAN mini cone manicure drill bits:

1. Tungsten material, high abrasion resistance and high cutting rate

2. 2.35mm (3/32 inch) shank diameter, our manicure drill bits fit for most electric manicure machines on the market.

3. Unicase, not easy to break

4. High concentricity to void “flying away” during working

5. resistant to rust

6. Easy to clean after use

7. Prolong the lifetime of manicure machine

8. We support custom packaging for the needs of our customers.

9. Complete quality inspection process to effectively control product quality.

10. OEM and ODM One-stop service Customized.

11. Wear eye-protective safety glasses in case the chippings hurt your eyes.

12. If the bits drop down, please check whether it's broken or not. if it's broken, for safety, do not use

13. Keep out of reach of children.

14. Packaging Details: One piece in one tube; 7 pieces in one acrylic box, and 5 boxes in one bag.

15. HS code: 8207709000

Shanghai Chiyan Abrasives Factory is one native factory with independent foreign trade department. Our workers have 15 years experience. We have the most advanced production equipment which can ensure efficient production level. The whole production process has computer control, so that the quality can be highly assured.

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