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Brown sanding band Aluminum oxide abrasives sanding band|Chiyan

Quick Detail:

Material: Alumina Oxide
Color: Red Brown
Size: 6.35 x 12.7mm
Quantity: 100pcs/bag
Gross Weight: 19kg/carton(80#),18kg/carton(150#),17kg/carton(240#)

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The Brown sanding band is widely used in beauty stores, beauty salons, and nail salons. It is ideal for removing callosity skin. It can also be used during nail styling, for example to shorten nail plates, saw and smooth gel or acrylic blocks, removing nail polishing, etc.. It is disposable, convenient, efficient, safe and fast.

The abrasive sanding band is so called aluminum oxide band, and the alumina oxide band material is suitable for skin with high abrasion resistance and high cutting rate. As manicure abrasive sanding band, it has high abrasive performance and cutting ability, comparing to other materials. The manicure sanding band dimensions are suitable for all popular milling machines. the barrel shaped are designed to assure the stability and prolong life of abrasive sanding band machines.

There are some advantages of the brown sanding band:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

1. High quality abrasive cloth material, self-sharpening, High grinding efficiency and wear-proof

2. High cost-effective

3. Universal size, easy loading and unloading

4. Smooth sanding surface. The glue is equally distributed. No extra glue spilled. No opening

5. Two-component glue, firmly bonded.

6. Provide OEM & ODM.

7. Size: 6.35*12.7 & 6.5*12.7MM

8. Optional grit from coarse to fine : 40# , 60#,80# , 100#,120# , 150#,180# , 240#,320# , 400#.

9. 300,000pcs daily output assures a fast delivery

10. Smooth cut and no burrs. It is easy to polish the edges of the nails and easy to handle.

11. Product quality guarantee. Free sample. Support product return.

12. Provide free package designing and technical assistance.

13. Defect rate is lower than 1%.

Shanghai Chiyan Abrasives Factory is one native factory in Shanghai with independent foreign trade department. All brown sanding bands are come from our own factory, and our workers have 15 years of production experience. We have a good control of the products quality and delivery. We are a professional and strong responsible team.


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