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Ball shape bit cross cut nail dremel clean under nails|Chiyan

Quick Detail:

Name: Small Ball For Cuticle Clean Bit

Flute Size: Φ1.60mm

Overall Length: 45mm

Grit: M

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The Chiyan ball shape bit cross cut is consist of Tungsten carbide. It is the best seller in our company. Its flute size is 1.6mm and its overall length is 45mm. The gross weight of nail dremel is 10g. The clean under nails’ grit is M. Its main color is silver. The ball shape bit cross cut can be used for nail extension and cuticle care. It makes easier to remove the gel or acrylic nail. The drill bit has a high cost performance and perfect polishing technology. The nail dremel can apply to treatment of very thick gel nails and hyper-keratosis. It can be used in nail salon or nail design. For example, nail beauty supply are beneficial to use at the Foot Pedicure shop, Nail care center, nail education or training school and so on. It is easy to polish the edges of the nails and easy to handle. In order to adapt to different situations, the size of our products is various.

The clean under nails can also be customized by customers; we will create the best manicure tools for you.

There are some advantages of the ball shape bit cross cut:

1. The best quality Tungsten Carbide for manicure nails drill bits

2. Antibacterial & No clogging & Antirust nail drill bit

3. Be resistant to acid, alkali and heat

4. Professional nail drill bit in China

5. Fashionable and diversified

6. Long service life

7. Provide free customized package designs and technical assistance.

8. Timely reply, order arrangement, follow-up, after-sales, one-stop service

The maintenance of the nail drill bit:

Clean with a brush/ ultrasonic/alcohol soaking and other methods. 

We are a professional nail manicure and pedicure manufacturer. All kinds of nail drill bits come from our factory, which guarantee high quality and delivery on time. Shanghai Chiyan Abrasives Factory is one native factory with independent foreign trade department. We are a professional and strong responsible team all the time. Every process of the nail drill bits that we produced is inspected strictly. If you are interested in our products, we will provide free sample for your reference.

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